One Piece

Booster 1 (Quest Begins)

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  CH-001 Luffy with a Straw Hat
  CH-002 The Wounded Swordsman
  CH-003 The Mysterious Woman Thief
  CH-004 Captain Usopp
  CH-005 Red-Haired Shanks
  CH-006 The Dangerous goddess
  CH-007 Buggy the Clown
  CH-008 The Man of a Thousand Plans
  CH-009 The Soul of Pirates
  CH-010 Instinctive Shooting Skills
  CH-011 The Baratie Assistant Chef
  CH-012 The Miracle Reindeer
  CH-013 The Invincible Master's Mate
  CH-014 A Glutton
  CH-015 The Perfect Shooter
  CH-016 Axe-Hand Morgan
  CH-017 The Young Navy Sailor
  CH-018 Cabaji the Acrobat
  CH-019 Mohji the Lion Tamer
  CH-020 One, Two, Django
  CH-021 The Speedy Meowban Brothers
  CH-022 The Mighty Meowban Brothers
  CH-023 The Never-Ending Road of the Sword
  CH-024 Vow of the Tattoo
  CH-025 The Baratie Assistant Chef
  CH-026 Hawk-Eye Mihawk
  CH-027 Revolutionary
  CH-028 Don Kreig
  CH-029 Saw-Tooth Arlong
  CH-030 The Guidepost of Pirates
  CH-031 The Anxious-minded Brave Man of the Ocean
  CH-032 Beautific Chopper
  CH-033 Lt. Ironfist Fullbody
  CH-034 Colonel of Branch Office
  CH-035 The Monster of Rogue Town
  CH-036 Justice of the Swordsman
  CH-037 The Swordsman with Six Swords
  CH-038 Merman Karate Master
  CH-039 Water Gun Master
  CH-040 The Bounty Hunter with Shades
  CH-041 The Bounty Hunter with a Forehead Pad
  CH-042 The Chef with a Foul Mouth
  CH-043 The Chef with an Evil-Look
  CH-044 The Topnotch Chef of the Ocean
  CH-045 High-hopes to be the World's Best
  CH-046 Queen Alvida with a Metal Rod
  CH-047 The Great Captain with a Straw Hat
  CH-048 The Baratie Chef
  CH-049 The Boogieman
  CH-050 Pearl of Iron Wall


  TE-001 Gum Gum Bell
  TE-002 Tiger Trap
  TE-003 Oni Giri
  TE-004 Getaway
  TE-005 Exploding Star
  TE-006 Carltrops
  TE-007 Leg O' Wham Supreme
  TE-008 Butterloin Breaker
  TE-009 Scope
  TE-010 Battle for Friends
  TE-011 A Mighty Warrior
  TE-012 A Glutton
  TE-013 Clean Hit
  TE-014 Downswing
  TE-015 A Man's Pride
  TE-016 Temptation
  TE-017 Chop Chop Harpoon
  TE-018 The Dance of a Thounsand Tumultuous Tops
  TE-019 Wild Beast Show
  TE-020 Stealth Walk
  TE-021 Mass Hypnotism
  TE-022 Cat Burglar
  TE-023 Out-of-Control Power
  TE-024 Recognition of the Target!
  TE-025 Determination
  TE-026 Comedy Act
  TE-027 Most Respectful Salute
  TE-028 Gum Gum Pinwheel
  TE-029 Three Thousand World
  TE-030 Tears
  TE-031 Ketchup Star
  TE-032 Trachea Turnover
  TE-033 Jumping Point
  TE-034 Released Black Sword
  TE-035 Presentiment of a Storm
  TE-036 Destructive Fist
  TE-037 Money Counting
  TE-038 Smoke Screen
  TE-039 Drawing Real Sword
  TE-040 Shark and Awe
  TE-041 Jet Black Ink
  TE-042 The Hundred-Brick Fist
  TE-043 Spitfire Soaker
  TE-044 Sword Attack from the Left
  TE-045 Sword Attack from the Right
  TE-046 The Meat Ball of Doom
  TE-047 Giant Fork
  TE-048 Wanted Bounty Head
  TE-049 Man's Departure
  TE-050 Good Bargain
  TE-051 Nowhere to Run
  TE-052 Ghastly Poison Gas Bomb, MH5
  TE-053 Domination of Evil
  TE-054 Surprise Attack
  TE-055 Rise
  TE-056 Gum Gum Ballon
  TE-057 Heavy Strike
  TE-058 Chouchou's Memory
  TE-059 Pirate's Plot
  TE-060 Defending Battle
  TE-061 Grappling Technique
  TE-062 The Absolutely Natural Pearl Suprise
  TE-063 Chef's Artifical Leg Kick
  TE-064 An Understanding Person
  TE-065 The Launching Ceremony