This section was originaly intended to list all the places that sell Digimon CCG, Gundam War, and One Piece across Canada, the U.S., and possibly other countries as well. However, I never had time for that and then Bandai's Gateway Network came up and I thought I wouldn't have to bother. However, it seems that people haven't been doing their part in updating the Gateway with the address of the local stores in their cities, and so not very many places are listed. Hopefully those of you reading this page will get your local stores involved, and/or search your city, and possibly surrounding cities, for stores that carry the card game(s). Phonebook is a wonderful tool, for those with the courage to use it.

 In the meantime, I've decided to list online stores and my local store's information here. My local store carries series 2 (Hybrid Warriors) and series 4 (Operation-X) of Digimon CCG, as well as the first 2 starters. The assistant manager said that they haven't been able to get in Eternal Courage boosters, but can probably get them in if enough pre-orders for a crate comes in (a crate is 12 boxes of 24 packs each, so 288 packs. He says that if I can get pre-orders for at least 250 packs, he can order the crate).

 The store sells series 1 (Now and Forever), series 2 (First Strike), and series 3 (Binding Fate) boosters for Gundam War, as well as the Now and Forever starter. I think they still have some Now and Forever boosters in-store at the moment...

 The store also stocks series 1 (The Quest Begins) and the first starter of One Piece. Series 2 (Passage to the Grand Line) and it's starter can be ordered in.

 The only online stores I know of, at the moment, that stocks Generations and the Royal Knights starter are:



 I don't know how much shipping is with IconUSA, but ToyWiz apparantly charges around $30 US to ship a box of cards within the US. The prices with both those stores are in US currency.

 The prices at my local store are Canadian (since the store is in Canada), and anyone outside Canada can use this handy website for currency conversion:

 [Edit: I've deleted the shipping prices table (because people seemed to find it too confusing). If you want to order something, and want to know how much it'll cost, give your shipping address and it can be worked out.]

 The store takes credit card or cash as payment, but those can only be done in person (because their website doesn't have a way to order on it.. ) If the order goes through me, however, payment is a little more flexable as I can take money orders, paypal, or cheques (but I only take cheques from people I have dealt with several times before and know their cheques shouldn't bounce). Orders can be made with me through e-mail or directly with the store through the contact info below:

 Coins Unlimited
 150 Thorold Rd.
 Welland, ON  L3C 3V4
 Tel: 1-(905)-788-0376
 service (at) coinsunlimited (dot) ca

 (I put the e-mail address like that in case of automated things that search websites for e-mail addresses to send spam too. Just replace the '(at)' and the spaces infront and behind it with '@' and the '(dot)' with a period.)

 Note: Payment must be recieved before anything gets sent. Neither the store nor I like getting ripped off, so this is a precautionary measure.

 Q: What do you get out of it?
 A: If the cards sell well they stay in stock, and that means they'll be there when I want to buy them. Wanted to get more Eternal Courage one time and the store was sold out. They also couldn't get more in because their supplier just wouldn't order it because it was too low a quantity asked for which meant to high a risk for them. Also had a deal with the store that for every x amount of packs they sell through me I get a pack free... they might still do that if they sell alot of packs.. x]

 Q: What all does the store sell?
 A: The store sells alot... They focus mainly on sports cards, among other things, but also have quite a variety of card games in stock. Haven;t listed any here because they only other game they stock that has anything to do with this website is Medabots, and I'm not sure if they can even get more of that.. If you have any questions on a perticual card game/item they stock, feel free to either contact them or me.

 Q: Where does the store ship too?
 A: I'm not sure where all the store ships to, but I can ship anywhere Canada Post can send a package (which is just about anywhere in the world).

  For any more questions, or any orders, feel free to e-mail me (see Contact link in left navigation) or them. :]