Questions & Answers

  Q 1.) Why does your site call MD-10 Magical Ring 'Spiritual Ring'? That isn't the card's name!

  A 1.) Because 'Spiritual Ring' was the name on the Digi-Battle card, and 'Holy Ring' was the name on the Japanese card. Calling something that's supposed to represent something that's holy as 'magic', which is evil, especialy something that's associated with an un-fallen angel (as the Holy Ring is what becomes Angewomon's golden sash), is a perversion and is thus technicaly classed as 'hentai' (in it's most literal meaning). Besides that, Myotismon said that the data of Gatomon's tail ring (Holy Ring) was what was used as the basis for the Dark Rings and Spirals (in season 2), or something like that... If Bandai America wants to call anything 'Magical Ring', they might as well rename the Dark Rings and Spirals as that's all on the side of evil anyway... (I also don't like that they renamed the Holy Orb as 'Spiritual Crystal' because that gives it the feel of a crystal ball, which is also on the side of evil and is completely out of context as to what the Holy Orb of the Sovreigns actualy does... )

  Q 2.) Why does your site have info I've never heard of before or seen on the official Digimon message board? Are you trying to change the game or something!?

 A 2.) I happened to be a moderator on Bandai's official Digimon CCG message board ( ) and have asked them a ton of questions that some people may not have asked in the 'Rules Q&A' forum. Bandai had also given me power to make minor clarifications to the game. However, as of February 12th , 2006, I may have info on the card pages that doesn't class as a 'minor clarification' but also hasn't been made official by Bandai yet. This is 'suggested errata/clarification/whatever' text and will be in green; official errata will be in red; clarifications will be in black, like everything else, because I had the power to make them and if anyone asks on the message board my answers will be the same as the clarifications on this site (since, being a mod, I answered game questions in an official capicity). The reason for the 'suggested errata/clarification/whatever' text is because Bandai seems to be swampped with work at the moment and hasn't had the time to do anything constructive about fixing the card game (...and then they axed it). So, since questions need to be answered and answers have not been given, I'm putting this info on the card pages to help the players/game until Bandai gives some official info (if they ever do) that says otherwise. All text in green on the card pages don't have to be taken as official but rather as a strong suggestion. All text/info in red on the card pages is official errata and should also be on the official Digimon CCG website. Everything else is either common knowledge from the cards or clarifications made by me or Bandai, both of which were official thanks to the power Bandai had given me. (Note: Bandai does not endorse any website other than Bandai websites because of company policy. However, I am not a Bandai employee and thus can endorse my own website as much as I want.) :]