About This Site

 This site was first, officially, uploaded for use on the 22nd of July, 2004 a little after 9pm Eastern Standard time (for Ontario, Canada). I started this site in a MSN Group as a purely Digi-Battle site (http://groups.msn.com/cyberdramonsdigidexencyclopedia), and had D-Tector card scans in there too after a while. Yes, I know the name of the Group stinks, but it's all that was available at the time..  x.x"

 Aaanywayy, I originally wanted this to just be a personal site on my comp to help me with deck analyzing, as I was a deck analyzer on Pojo.com's Digimon site at one point. Then it suddenly dawned on my that other people could use this info too, and so I put it on the web. Not being able to afford real web hosting, I made it on MSN Groups. My inspiration for it was Megchan's Digimon Encyclopedia with it's card scan and card info all there, along with interlining Digivolutions. I have taken that a step further with my site providing all the card's info, interlining to anything else on the site of relevance, as well as providing anime dub info from Chris McFeely's site, 'articles' (or whatever you want to call them) for your viewing pleasure, info from the original episodes (where the dub changed things), and links to other sources of interest pertaining to various things on this site.

 EDIT (Feb. 12th, 2006): Since then I've also added sections for Digimon CCG, Gundam War, One Piece, and hopefully sometime soon Medabots.

 Edit: (July 13th, 2005): Almost 2 years and this site is still under contstruction... x.x" Card pages *were* up but got taken down due to a lack of accurate info, and still-needed info from Bandai... Hopefully I'll have the time and info to put them back up soon... >>;;

 I hope you enjoy viewing this site and find it informative and helpful. ^ ^