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15 February, 2006 -*Gasp* It's.. it's... It's an *ACTUAL UPDATE*!!  : D

And just when you thought I had abandoned the site, huh? ;-P

In Real News: A New Series Of The Digimon Anime HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!!
Yes, you heard right, It's confirmed! Only for Japan, as of yet, but still. ;] It premiers on April 2nd, a Sunday, on FujiTV (I think it was). No news on a dub for it yet, but you can't very license something that hasn't aired yet... Also, a new Digimon manga is out called 'Digimon Next'. For more info on the anime you can visit Shining Celebi's site, or the Digimon Himitsu (which has info on the new manga).

Also, for those of you wondering, Cartoon Network is airing new episodes of One Piece, but for some reason 4Kids TV isn't, and YTV is stuck in reruns.. : \

In Site News: *whew*... been a while since I said what I was doing in the background... ^ ^;;

So far, as, you may have noticed, the navigation has changed a bit (hopefully more user and dial-up friendly.. ) and a few new pages are there. Fixed the missing links in it too. New pages include the Privacy Policy, Trade Lists (empty at the moment), Stores page (for people who are having trouble finding the cards), fixed the broken 'Options' link on the Downloads page, and updated a few of the other pages as well. O, and added two sections (for Gundam War and One Piece).

Here's what's new in each section:
Digimon CCG: Uploaded card scans for all of Generations (series 3) and Operation-X (series 4), and all 4 promo cards are uploaded now as well (Goldramon, DORUmon, MaloMyotismon, and ChaosGallantmon).

One Piece: Added the entire section with card pics for everything except the promo cards (as I don't have scans of any). The navigation will be 'specialized' sometime soon as well (possibly within the next week)  >>;;

Gundam War: Added this new section too, and uploaded scans for the Starter (did that a while ago, but there was no link to them), and preview pics for all the Booster cards, and  scans of the Promo cards as well (thanks to Kyle81). not sure if that's all the promos, and don't know what order they were released in, but I'll try to get dates for their releases sometime soon... Also, the preview pics may not be 100% accurate as far as text goes, but the pics should be right, and I have links to what is hopefully accurate text. hope to have the scans up sometime soon. : )

Digi-Battle: 3 new Digi-Battle promo cards have been added. These are promos from the X Digivices, I think, and are of Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon. There are only 4 other promos missing, as far as I know, besides some of the European promos.

D-Tector: Added a promo card of Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode), and it looks pretty. :)

Aaaaaand... yeah, that's about it for now. x] *Hope* to start adding card pages sometime soon, probably for Gundam War first and then for Digimon CCG and One Piece (if Bandai ever gets back to us with some customer support...  - -* )

O yeah, and might add a chat room for duels and stuff sometime soon... : /