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13 July, 2006 -FINALY!! ANOTHER UPDATE!!! ;P

 Since it's been a while, and there has been alot of news, here's a quick recap:

 In Real News:  Anyone who misses the older Digimon eps., like Adventure and stuff, should check out and this thread:

 (For anyone who wants to skip the 'Real News' part and get to the 'Site News', scroll about half way down the page~ )

 It was announced on the 6th of June, 2006, that all Bandai America ccgs except Naruto and Zatch Bell are currently 'indefinately on hold' with no plans to do anything with them in the near or forseeable future (the only exception to this is Digimon, and a decision on that will be made when/if Savers gets dubbed, which is rumored to happen in 2007 for a possible release in the Summer of 2007).

 Bandai has organized a 'Thank you' tournament for the Gundam players; it will be taking place at Gen Con Indy on August 12th, 2006, at 2pm. Mor information can be found here:

 Also, Bandai America's contract with Hero Factory expired mid-June, 2006. Instead of  renewing this contract, they decided to create a new Organized Play system for the Naruto ccg. Zatch Bell will be supported by Gateway Retailer store sponsored League Kits.

 Here are some excerpts from the e-mail (by Andrew Lupp) sent to the Meijin (for some reason I got the e-mail too.. *shrugs*):

"There are some major changes taking place, both within the division and with our current games line-up. I wanted to make sure that you get the information first.  Even though change can be difficult, it is our hope that each of you will be able to continue supporting Bandai Collectible Games as we grow and change.

Here are some things we should all know:

I. The less than profitable sales of several of our games have led us to make some tough decisions.  There will no longer be sanctioned OP support for Navia Dratp, Gundam War CCG, One Piece CCG, or the Teen Titans CCG.  The Zatch Bell CCG will be supported  Gateway Retailer Store sponsored League Kits.

Also, any future expansions for Gundam CCG, Navia Dratp, One Piece, Teen Titans and Digimon have been placed on indefinite hold and will not be produced any time in the foreseeable future.

Good comes from bad, and this decision to discontinue the production or support for these games will funnel more attention, more funds and more support to the Naruto CCG, the Zatch Bell CCG, and new titles that will be premiering in the next year."

Interesting to note in there that new titles will be coming in 2007.

 [O, and on a 'personal rant' side-note, notice there where it says "...this decision to discontinue the production or support for these games..." right after listing Digimon CCG as one of those games? Well, when I said Bandai America wasn't supporting Digimon CCG anymore (this was way back in April) they got upset, took away my mod powers, and 'had to put out a press release' correcting my statement. Now, that 'statement correction' has been deleted from Digimon CCG's official forum, yet I have not recieved so much as an apology from Bandai. I'm not going to ask for my mod powers back, because if Digimon CCG isn't going to be putting out anymore cards having my mod powers is kinda useless, but I *would* at least like Bandai to give an apology for kicking me out like a criminal and then proving my point approximately 2 months afterwards (this is after they didn't bother giving any customer support for 13 months at the time I made the statement). You can see *some* of what I'm talking about here, but I caution that strong language is used in this thread:

 Although, after seeing this thread on the official Digimon board, it kinda seems like I, or someone, needs to mod there again anyway... : \  Seems like the board went down the drain after I left..

End personal rant, and now back to the e-mail excerpts.]

"So, although we may no longer support “your game” by product or OP, we would like to add your expertise and dedication to our future. You ARE fiercely devoted, and I believe that there is a place for everyone in the Bandai volunteer program.  We will always need the skill and experience of our long time volunteers.   The choice is yours.

You can of course, continue to run events for any and all games you wish. You can continue to play, buy and support these games locally – even without official player rankings, and even if we will be unable to provide new tournament kits and promotional items for these events - your player base can continue.

II.  In Mid-June we will be phasing out Hero Factory games as our OP provider and are having a new more advanced system built for the Naruto CCG Organized Play Program.  This means that in a few weeks an entirely new system will launch. We hope that this system will be in place for our first large scale event at Anime Expo and at Origins Game Fair for the Naruto events there. In it, there will be downloadable software for running in store tournaments, SOS calculation, player registration, Meijin Registration, Meijin reward systems, all the bells and whistles.

Erick Reyes and James Takenaka will therefore no longer be points of contact for OP support or volunteer coordination.

III. As of mid-June, the new Volunteer coordinator for all Bandai Collectible Games will be Kim Logie.

In July, she will assume all the duties that James in handling, including new Meijin sign up, and volunteer coordination for our progressive premier events program for Naruto CCG and other things. We want to make the transition process as easy as possible. We hope you will welcome her aboard as the new Volunteer Coordinator.

And so, at least for the time being, this answers a lot of questions, gives you the direction of the near future and may spark more questions and conjecture.

Please understand, this is a major undertaking. We ask for your help and understanding and patience in this process that will hopefully culminate in the next 9 weeks.

Thanks again loyal Meijin…

Andrew Lupp and the staff from
Bandai Collectible Games"

(Some text was edited out because of Meijin confidentiality, or just not being something interesting.)

 [Random: Was sent a webcomic on Megaman, and I thought I'd link it~ I caution that some bad words are used, though, so be warned: 
(You start at the bottom where it says '#1' ) ]

Now on to the Site News:

After realizing just how much work I have to do, I've decided to open my site up to the First Annual Splash Image Contest! *pretends the crickets in the background are actualy people cheering* ;P

Since I need new banners too, this will also be a Banner Contest for the various sections on my site.

But more about that later! Here's what's new on the site:

Updated the Stores page (took out the shipping tables and gave the store's new website). Also changed some things on the Q&A, Credits, Archive, and About pages.

Digimon: (Digi-Battle)
DM-M6 Sakuyamon, a Bandai Asia D-Power v3 promo, has been added to the site (thanks again to Rianmon).

Gundam War:
Most of the series 1 and 2 'card pics' have been replaced with actual card scans (mostly thanks to 'The Red Comet' for permission to use his scans), and the SP-07 Wing Gundam (Endless Waltz) promo card has been added, thanks to permission from Kyle81 (on the official Gundam War board). I think that leaves just 1 promo I don't have a scan for yet...

Ray/ArcadiaSSX (also on the official Gundam War board) provided me with scanlated (scanned + image-translated) card pics for all but 2 of the cards in the Japanese booster 1 Gundam War game! : D  However, since neither of us know who exactly did them, and I therefore don't have permission to use them, would the person who created them please contact me about this... If I don't get permission to use them, I'll take them down.

Either way, I'd like to ask people who have complete (or at least semi-complete) Japanese Gundam War series', and who can scan cards at 300dpi, if you'd be willing to help me out with card scans to put on my site. :]  The plan is to scanlate them as well at some point, but for the moment if I could get just scans for series 1 and 2 of the Japanese game, that'd be great. :]

One Piece:
And the long-awaited SERIES 2 scans are NOW  UP!  :D (thanks to Demaa for that. ;]  ) Also, between me and him, most of the PROMO cards are now up too! : D  ( ...and the reason we're missing some is mostly because I forgot to scan some.. <<; ..will put those up around the end of the month, *possibly* with a few new series 3 Gundam War scans...)

I will be making a new page around the end of the month for card scans and/or content still needed for this site that people can donate (since there is some stuff I haven't gotten a hold of yet.. ). Also added 2 new links to the left navigation bar:

 Digital Starlight
Vande's website with a ton of information (more than I've had time to go through). :]

WiththeWill is a great forum. Want to know the latest news about Digimon Card Game Alpha, Digimon Savers, or just Digimon in general? Go to WiththeWill. :] 

And now, on to the Splash Image (and Banner) contest! : D (yay!)

Since I have alot of work to do, and I'm lazy, I've opened this contest. The Splash Image Contest, if it goes well, will be annual. The Banner contest will be a one-time-only type of thing, unless I feel like the site needs new banners sometime, and then the contest will be open again unless I feel like creating the banners myself. :P

So here are the requirements:

For the splash image, around the same size as this site's current Splash Image (about 650 pixels wide by about 500 pixels high), and no more than about 150kb big.

The Banner *has* to be 779 pixels wide for it to fit nicely on a 800x600 resolution screen when on my site... (I don't know why, but that's just the way it is.. : \ ). As for hight, anywhere between 100 pixels and 150 pixels is fine, but no more than about 100kb big in file size, please. :]  (less than that, if possible, because banners tend to be viewed on every page of the site and the bigger the file size the longer they take to load ...not to mention that they also chew bandwidth each time they load, so yeah... smaller file size = good. :] )

Now some general requirements for both the Splash Image and Banners:

1.) Keep it G-rated. This is a family-friendly site (or at least I try to keep it that way), so nothing in the banners or splash image beyong a G-rating, okay?  (for those who don't know, 'G' means 'General Audiences')

2.) Contest closes at the end of the month, July 31st at 12pm midnight (or whenever I check my e-mail on August 1st or 2nd  :P ).

3.) Multiple entries are allowed, but please try not to send more than 3-5 per person... >.o;; otherwise my inbox would get quite full quite fast...

4.) Sections for the Banner contest include:

Digimon CCG section
Digi-Battle section
D-Tector section
One Piece section
Gundam War section
and the Medabots and Digimon CG Alpha sections which I will make eventualy.. ;P

(Entrants can choose whichever sections they want -don't have to submit an entry for all of them- but please conform to the entry requirements. :] )

Entries can be sent to digitalindex at ultimatedigimon dot com and will be judged by me and/or whichever of the staff I can convince to judge as well. :P  But please have 'Site Contest', or something to do with Digimon, One Piece, Medabots, or Gundam War, in the subject line of the message otherwise it will most likely be deleted as spam... : [

 :]  Enjoy!~