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1 March, 2006 -And the Gundam War continues... along with other stuff.

And yes, Another ACTUAL UPDATE! *gasp* ;-P

In Real News: Bandai announced about 2 days ago that they are completely sold out of series 1, Now and Forever, and series 2, First Strike, Gundam War stock. If your local store has it, and/or can get it, that's probably *all* they can get for the next who-knows-how-long. Will Bandai be printing more of these series'? Probably, eventualy. For the moment it'd be wiser for them to focus on printing more new cards to keep the game fresh and exciting (the ccg department does have a budget you know.. ), but every major card game has had older series' released as a limited-time complete set or something further down the line a few years or so... So if you don't have the cards, and you want them, you may either have to resort to buying from people or checking all the stores you can to see if they still carry them.

Note: Binding Fate is still in stock, as it's brand new, and the starter is still in stock as well. Also, my local card store still has the first 2 series (not much of each though), if anyones interested.

In Site News: X.x; Got a correction from rianmon the other day -the scans I had up as D-Power promos were actualy action figure promos, and the d-Power promo wasn't uploaded yet... Also, the 'Digivice X Promos' didn't exist -they're the Bandai Europe  D-Power promos. and he also sent me 2 new scans to put up: Bandai Asia D-Power  Digivice v2 promo cards WarGrowlmon and Taomon! :] Thank you~

Also have Binding Fate (series 3, Gundam War) card scans up now too! :] Not all of them, but still, some is better than nothing, right? I do have some Now and Forever and First Strike scans availavle for several of the factions, thanks to 'The Red Comet' (on the official GW board), but haven't gotten to uploading them yet... : \ Soon though! soon~  x]

Aaaand.. that's about it for now! x] Hopefully will be getting card pages up sometime soon (probably for just the starter, at the monent), and if Bandai can give me some more preview pics, or somebody can donate some Binding Fate scans, I can have the rest of the card pics for that uploaded too. :]  (please forgive any spelling corrections that need to be made.. X.x; )

Until next time, cya then!  :]