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Starter 3 (Royal Knights)

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 DM-183 Agumon
 DM-184 Agumon
 DM-185 Gabumon
 DM-186 Gabumon
 DM-187 Guilmon
 DM-188 Guilmon
 DM-189 Veemon
 DM-190 Veemon
 DM-191 Veedramon
 DM-192 Veedramon
 DM-193 Magnamon
 DM-194 Growlmon
 DM-195 Growlmon
 DM-196 Garurumon
 DM-197 Garurumon
 DM-198 Greymon
 DM-199 Greymon
 DM-200 Chaosdramon [supposed to be a Mega]
 DM-201 Garudamon [X Digimon]
 DM-202 WereGarurumon
 DM-203 Knightmon
 DM-204 AeroVeedramon
 DM-205 WarGrowlmon
 DM-206 Silphymon
 DM-207 Mistymon
 DM-208 Grademon [X Digimon]
 DM-209 Omnimon
 DM-210 Gallantmon
 DM-211 UlForceVeedramon
 DM-212 LordKnightmon
 DM-213 Dunusmon [Dynasmon]
 DM-214 Alphamon [X Digimon]
 DM-215 WarGreymon [X Digimon]
 DM-216 MetalGarurumon [X Digimon]

 DV-012 Digimon Accelerator
 DV-013 Digivice 01
 DV-014 D-3 Digivice
 DV-015 D-3 Digivice
 DV-016 Digi-Egg of Miracle[s]
 MD-059 Knight Spear
 MD-060 Omni Blade
 MD-061 Legend Sword
 MD-062 Colosseum
 MD-063 Frontier
 MD-064 Online Remover
 MD-065 Miracle Stone
 MD-066 Beast Shield
 MD-067 Fairy Sword
 MD-068 Burning Wing
 MD-069 Digi-Canceler