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Gundam War

The Starter cards and Promo cards are actual card scans, and most of the Booster 1 and 2 card pics are scans, but some of the Booster pics for series 1 and 2 are provided courtesy of Bandai and are not card scans. They are also not completely correct at times... For erratas (correct text), you can visit the links below -all the card pics in Booster 3 are currently scans, although I don't yet have scans for all of them...

  Now and Forever (Booster 1) Errata List:
 -coming soon-

  First Strike (Booster 2) Errata List:
 -coming soon-

  Binding Fate (Booster 3) Errata List:
 -coming soon-

  And for the sake of reference...

  Gundam War Advanced Rule Book (Booster 19 ver.)
 -Available Here-

  Gundam War FAQ
 -coming soon-

  And now, on to the cards! x]

English Gundam War


  Starter 1 (Now and Forever)


  Now and Forever (series 1)
  First Strike (series 2)
  Binding Fate (series 3)

  Tournament Promos