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Gundam War Advanced Rulebook

  This is the Japanese Advanced Rulebook for Gundam War (graciously translated by ILoveJamProject of Gundam War Central~ Pics of the Advanced Rulebook provided by Zeta_Gundam). This rulebook will be updated as newer rules versions come out.

 This rulebook is current as of August, 2007 (Gundam War Booster 19 version).

 These are the Advanced Rules of Gundam War, aimed at detailed explanations of specific effects, situations, and rules. For new players to the game, don't let this rulebook chase you away -many veteran players don't exactly have this thing memorized, and we have Flash tutorials in the works to help you~ as long as you know the basic flow of the game, and basic gameplay rules, the rest of the rules can be referenced when the situation arises where you need these rules. I will put up a basic-gameplay version of the rules 'soon'.


 Card Descriptions
 Locations and Field
 Own Player and Enemy Player
 Fixed Effects, Hand, Hangar, G and Nation Power
 Timings for Play
 Steps for Playing a Card, Steps for Playing Text
 Play and Cost
 Play and Targets
 Auto Effects
 Activating and Resolving of Effects
 Text Descriptions
 Sortie and Squads
 Resolving Battle Damage
 Destruction and Abolish
 MF and Ring Area; Dual Cards
 Text Glossary
 Special Effects
 Other Rules