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Digimon CCG

 Listed below are the series of the Digimon Collectible Card Game. Click on this section's Index page for more browsing options.

 When viewing the cards, remember these 4 guidelines for Digimons' Special Effects:

 1.) All Effects may only be used when the Digimon is in the Attack Row unless otherwise specified.
 2.) Any 'activate' Effects (where the player may choose to use it) must be done at the beginning of the Attack Phase (the Digimon can not use it's Special Effect after it has attacked for that turn, unless otherwise specified).
 3.) Any "is attacked" or "when attacked" Effects trigger as soon as the Digimon attacks or is attacked, so you can either let the effects resolve or queue more effects on top of that. (For example, with DM-099 Vikemon's Special Effect, Vikemon's player may either draw the 4 cards as soon as Vikemon is attacked and use them, if possible (within the rules), or you can draw the 4 cards after the attack has resolved -your choice)
 4.) "Is attacked" and "when attacked" Effects may happen more than once (no limit).


 Promos (DMP-001 to DMP-004)


 Starter 1 [Eternal Courage series] (DM-001 to 033) (DV-001 & 002) (DD-001 to 007) (MD-001 to 008)
 Starter 2 [Eternal Courage series] (DM-034 to 066) (DV-003 & 004) (DD-008 to 014) (MD-009 to 016)
 Starter 3 [Royal Knights, Generations series] (DM-183 to DM-216) (DV-012 to DV-016) (MD-059 to MD-069)


 Booster 1 (Eternal Courage) (DM-067 to 104) (DV-005) (DD-015 to 021) (MD-017 to 030)
 Booster 2 (Hybrid Warriors) (DM-105 to 141) (DV-006 & 007) (DD-022 to DD-028) (MD-031 to MD-044)
 Booster 3 (Generations) (DM-142 to DM-182) (DV-008 to DV-011) (DD-029 to DD-031) (MD-045 to MD-058)
 Booster 4 (Operation-X) (DM-217 to DM-257) (DV-017 to DV-020) (MD-070 to MD-089)