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Gundam War Project Overview

May 30th, 2011 - Site maintenance... -CyberDramon

The last post said that I will be working to make this site viewable again.

As some of you may have noticed, the Digi-Battle, Digimon CCG and One Piece sections are now working (Gunwam War had been viewable for a while now)... and D-Tector is not.

It appears that the D-Tector main page is missing. Which means that I deleted it. The only reason why I would have done that is if views of the card scans was draining (to much) bandwidth. That would have only happened if the scans were high quality, or if A Lot of people were viewing them. I will look into this.

Actually, I wanted to look into this a while ago, and wanted to fix the entire website before posting an announcement about it, but life happened.

So there you go. Parts of the website are fixed and viewable. Keep watching for more updates.
May 09th, 2011 - Where's the time gone? -CyberDramon
Okay, so it's been a few months *coughyearscough* since I've done a proper update on this site...

Read through the recent news posts and it looks like I haven't done much since, oh, around October, 2008.

What's been happening?

"college. 'nuff said" -CyberDramon

But no updates or site repair for the past 31 months?

This Summer, sometime within the next 3-4 months, I plan to get the site displaying properly again. Maybe not put into a fancy new format, but At Least viewable again.

Several updates I want to cover but not right now. Gotta get things working again; get back into the loop.

I'll let you know more later. Maybe in about a week or two.

Mechanic Mode: Activated
May 1st, 2011 - And also...


Proper update post to follow.
November 07th, 2009 - Aasnd... (CyberDramon)


Give me another week.
October 6th, 2009 - Aaand... 6 Months Later. (CyberDramon)

Okay, it's been *almost* a year since we moved over to new hosting, and the Digimon pages are *still* inaccessible.


Because I haven't fixed them yet.

Justifiably, it shouldn't take me more than a few hours to fix. But I haven't done it yet. For almost an entire year...

Okay, so what's been going on with me?

Well, last October, the website moved, and it was around Mid-Term exams... So I didn't do anything with it then. Or during Christmas Break, because I didn't feel like it. Then the Winter term came and went, and that was harder than the Fall term. So over the Summer? I didn't do it. Simply because I didn't feel like it, and kept putting it off.

This term, Mid-Terms are coming up again. But! I hope to have the site at least *viewable* again before October 28th (2009)~

The site hasn't been redesigned yet, though that should be coming soon, but I want to *at least* get the site viewable before the 28th.

And since I'm catching up on school-work right now, it'll probably happen on like, the 26th - 27th.

03rd May, 2009 - Aaand... 6 Months Later. -CyberDramon

No, we're not Dead.

No, I haven't fixed the Digimon or One Piece sections yet.

No, I haven't formatted the site into MySQL yet.

Yes, there are new card scans.

No, I haven't uploaded them yet.

So where have I been the past 8 months? college. 'nuff said.

28 October, 2008 -We're on New Hosting! ...yay -CyberDramon
Hi Everyone,
Even though it may have looked like it, No, this site is not dead!

We moved over to new hosting, but the old hosting place cut our hosting (and deleted the data off their server) before we had even started re-uploading the site to the new server at the *other* hosting place, so it looked like this site had died for a few days...

For the recent trouble, this new hosting place uses a different type of file directory system for the websites, so I now have to re-code every page on my site for it to display properly again...

Don't feel like doing that. I'd rather just re-make the site in a MySQL database (but that's going to take time... ).

So yeah, I've got a lot of news on Digimon and Gundam, but I'll share that with you later... after I've repaired my site.


April 26th, 2008 -Wow, it's Been a while...
9 Months since the last post... (well, I *suppose* this can be called a 'pregnancy leave', sortof... )

You see, over the last year I have done... not much of significance on this site. Even since last November I haven't had time to do much on this site.

But the reason I'm making this update is because we're moving to a New Server soon!

This new server has been delayed a bit (we had originally planned to move around January, but delays kept happening and we kept running out of time to move before the end of each month). The biggest problem was moving before the end of a month so that we wouldn't have to pay massive overlap costs while we move between servers, but we recently found out that isn't an issue. Now, the issue is *getting* the new server (they're out of stock right now, but should be available again within the next few days).

There shouldn't be any down-time, because the *entire* site is going to be downloaded and then uploaded onto the new server, and then all we need to do is change the IP address. So *any* down-time shouldn't be more than a few seconds, if even.

Speaking of down time, yes, I know Bandai America deleted their Digimon site. They've deleted everything except Naruto, and then added a DragonBall CCG site (ccg coming this July!). I had talked to James Takenaka a week or two before the site 'went missing', and he said that BAI doesn't have any plans for a Digimon card game right now.

Why did this happen? Originally, Andrew Lupp said that whether or not Digimon would get 'restarted' as a card game depended on whether or not 'season 5' of the anime got licensed. Savers got licensed (called Data Squad), and still there was no 'restart' of Digimon as an English card game. I strongly believe this is because Bandai America felt that a card game needed an anime on the air to help keep the popularity up (Digimon CCG was released without an anime, and despite the size of the fanbase and the number of accounts on their message board, the ccg didn't have enough sales to justify it's existence. Digi-Battle, as far as I know, at least made a profit).

But Data Squad was on the air, so why did this happen? Because Data Squad was the only series announced. Due to the rising costs of producing animation in Japan, several Japanese companies have teamed up with American companies and class the U.S. as a 'primary viewing market' for the anime (before, Japan made anime for Japan and had other countries as an afterthought). The Japanese companies are doing this because they feel that they can make extra money from teaming up with U.S. companies, and having the anime aired in the U.S., because it gives the Japanese companies more money to offset the cost of making the anime. So with Digimon, they were cautious: The concept of Savers was much like Adventure 01 (and I believe the name was a pun with the series meant to 'save' the franchise; they had enough optimism not to name it 'final fantasy'), and they first aired Savers in Japan to gauge the interest of the Japanese audience. Then, Toei (yes, Toei, not Disney) had Savers dubbed as Data Squad for airing in the U.S. In my opinion, whether or not we see another Digimon anime (anytime soon) would depend directly on Data Squad getting good ratings in the U.S., and the products selling well.

But the thing is, Bandai America already lost alot of money on Digimon CCG, and getting a game started for a series that may or may not still be around after a year is a *huge* risk for a company, especially if their game department is likely still in debt from failed ccgs of the past. Personally, I think that if a new Digimon series is going to come out in Japan, we'll know by about December. If that series gets dubbed (which it likely would, according to all common sense), then we would likely see a new English Digimon card game in Fall of 2009. Which is a long way off.

I'm going to talk to James and see what we can come up with before then, and maybe get *something* going for the fans to build up player support for a game, but in all likelihood a new English Digimon ccg won't be coming before Fall 2009, if it even does.

And that brings us to the Digimon CCG board: Digimon CCG has been officially not-supported for almost 2 years now. A new Digimon anime usually airs in April in Japan. No new anime aired, and it makes no sense to keep the board around for another year *hoping* that one will. They could likely have handled Public Relations better, but it still doesn't surprise me that the board is gone.

On that note, before I was banned (way-back-when), I made a copy of all the Digimon CCG erratas, FAQ, and clarifications. All this information will go up on my site sometime after the server move, and and will also be up in WtW's Card Terminal at some point.

My site will be entirely re-done on the new server. Some old information will be removed or updated, and some sections will be split off to their own subdomains. There will also be a new colour scheme (because the current one needs *serious* work... ), and brand-new banners made by Neo-san!~ :]

Neo Anime Haven
July 02nd, 2007 -And Sale Lists! ( -CyberDramon )
Don't have much of an update for you today, except that I currently have Sales lists up for Digimon CCG and the One Piece ccg cards, which can be found respectively here:

They are not linked from the 'Trade Lists' page (yet), but that should come with the next update...

Also with the next update should come the v2 of 'Dramatic Booster 1: One Year War' of Gundam that everybody/people has probably been expecting~ Maybe tomorrow...

June 12th, 2007 -And the Time Flies~ ( CyberDramon)

Okay, for those of you who are wondering, the v1 of Gundam War 'Dramatic Booster 1: One Year War' is *not* in the 'Downloads' Section of my site, as it says it should be in that red link near the top of the page that says 'Gundam War Project Overview'. However! we *should* have a v2 (complete) up sometime within the next week. Within the week after that, probably 'Dramatic Booster 4: goddess of the Battlefield', and *maybe* some of Booster 16 ready...

Either way, within the next week, raw/Japanese card scans for Dramatic Boosters 1 and 4 should both be up on my site~

Originaly I wanted to get the layout and everything re-done first, and maybe get my site done as a database, but I can't push the scanlation project back for that... We must keep Moving Forward!

Also, the mIRC dueling channel *might* be put on my site (later) today (sometime... ), but if not them possibly tomorrow. (Have to make up a 'rules' page for it and everything first... )

Okay, well, That's All for Now!

June 6th, 2007 -And We Have Space!~ ( -CyberDramon)
Hi again.

Just thought I'd tell you that most of the Digi-Battle and D-Tector cards have been re-uploaded at a slightly lower quality... The quality is still decent, but at a vastly lower file size... this has freed up my hosting to using less than half of it at the moment, which means there is space for Japanese Gundam War scans~ (look out for those in the coming days ;] )

Why did the Digi-Battle and D-Tector scans get uploaded? Simply because they were taking up too much space... They are now about the same quality and file size as all the rest of the scans on my site (well, 90% of them.. ), and that leaves more space open to do other stuff~

We have scans of the complete 'Dramatic Booster 1: One Year War', 'DB4: goddess of the Battlefield', and Booster 16 of the Japanese Gundam War cards (over 300 cards total). Those will all be uploaded, possibly within the next 2 weeks (and probably starting next week or so, after I figure out how to get my site working as a database. ;] )

Also, the mIRC chat room/channel is all ready and everything... just haven't linked it yet. >>; Give me a few days for that. :]

June 4th, 2007 -And the Date is Upped~ ( -CyberDramon)

Hi again.

Got the 'Contact' and 'Trading List' pages updated (linked to the left), and put the 'Gundam War Project Overview' link in nice, red letters right above the posts~ :]


June 3rd, 2007, 8:27am EST (-05:00 GMT) ( -CyberDramon)

*yawns* too tired to think up a proper update title..

Anyway, in Real News, a new Gundam anime series has been announced for this Fall (October) in Japan~ Called 'Gundam 00', it is set in the year AD 2307 and seems to be about... well, ANN has a good review of the 15-second teaser trailer, with a link to it, right here~

Gundam 00 news post -ANN

In Site-Related News:

*Finaly* got that 'Project Overview' for the Gundam War project up and viewable. Found on the Gundam page, link to the left

Also, the 'Trade List' *still* has a few things that need to be confirmed about it, but one way or the other it's probably going to get released and uploaded tonight (along with possibly the 'Special Site Feature', which is a mIRC channel made brower-accessable for online dueling through~ ).

Look out for those later tonight, or maybe tomorrow sometime~

The site hasn't gotten it's layout updated yet because I'm looking into put the site in a database format (which would make things easier). The Japanese card scans aren't up yet because there are some things I need to go to them on my computer before I can upload them, and my computer doesn't have enough space for that at the moment *need to organize stuff and burn off another dvd*

Japanese card scans should be up sometime next week.

June 1st, 2007 -Whee~ *falls down asleep* (CyberDramon)

Hi all.

Still haven't gotten the Sales List up yet... need to confirm some numbers first.

Everything else is on hold until tomorrow *yawns*

Cya then~ x] ZZZZzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzz......

May 31st, 2007 -Whee~ *falls down asleep* (CyberDramon)
Hi all.

It's Thursday now (morning), and I haven't realy had time to do much of anything lately... ><;

I will *try* to ge the Sales List updated sometime after I wake up, as well as the Gundam War + Alpha 'Projects Outline' page up...

Other than that, the 'Special Site Feature' and the site layout updates are still in the works, as checking and configuring still needs to be done, and the next Scanlated set of DB4 is still in the works, but probably won't be out around anytime within the next week...

So yeah, that's about it. I'll have more of an update sometime after I wake up (whether that be later tonight or tomorrow (morning) before I go to bed, who knows~ )

~CyberDramon *yawns*
May 28th, 2007 -And I'm Back from Anime North~ (CyberDramon)

Hi all,

I'm back from Anime north 2007, where I met a Gundam player and another possible one who was interested in the game~

x] So overall, I think it was a success.

As far as site news, nothing much done yet. : /

I'll be uploading my friend's GW sale list, overhauling the layout of the site, and putting up Japanese card scans -all possibly tomorrow.

Also in the works: That 'Special Site Feature' may be coming up within the next day or 2~ ;p And a new page will be added (possibly tomorrow or the next day) that lists all this Gundam (and general 'project') news on an easy-to-read page where people can skip around to relevant sections they want to read up on.

Mostly the niformation in the previous news update *points down*, but in a more organized and easy-to-access manner~ ;p

~Cya then
May 23rd, 2007 -And off to Anime North I go~! (CyberDramon)
Hi all,
Unfortunately, I did not get my website entirely updated like I wanted too... x.x;

However! here are a few items of highlight:

Dramatic Booster 1: One Year War (Gundam) is done~ ..sortof. : /
There's a Gundam War sales list, for all those who are wishing to complete their collections~
'Special Site Feature' is not up yet, but should be when I get back from anime North~ ;p

(I have not had time tonight to post a trading list, and probably won't untl after the weekend, but he has over 1,000 cards for sale, many of which are Uncommon and Rare, and a few Holos and Ultra Rares in there too. All good condition. Prices are negotiable, so if you have a request you can scroll to the bottom of this news post for e-mail instructions. First come, first serve.)

Ron Hoppe, Head of Gaming at Anime North this year, contacted me looking for people to run the following events:

Yu-Gi-Oh CCG
Dragon ball Z CCG
Avatar CCG
BESM (Big Eyes, Small Mouth) RPG
Hero Clix

AN is looking for people who are willing to demo card games -any card games, but preferably current stuff people are playing. If anyone is interested, they can e-mail Ron or just show up at the con and ask one of the staff to get a hold of him.

His e-mail is a address, with rcehoppe before the @

'Digimon Card Game Alpha' promotional material should be up... probably sometime within the next 2 weeks.

'Dramatic Booster 1: One Year War' has been scanlated... sortof (this is not our final product, but I thought it would be good to get *something* out before Anime North started).

For all those coming to my site to hear about the Projects, here it is in greater detail:

'Digimon Card Game Alpha' is the current card game in Japan, with it's 6th Booster on the way. Bandai America is 'restarting' Digimon as a card game over here, so my bets are on them porting over Alpha for the english audiences, since they'd probably be releasing the card game around the same time as the dub of series of 5 Digimon airs this Fall on Toon Disney (and hopefully on YTV.. ).

As such, we're scanlating Evolve 1 (the first series of Alpha) for people to play with and promote the game with. Look for that within the coming weeks~ ;]

Gundam War is a popular card game in Japan, recently having released it's 18th booster (with the 19th on the way), as well as various Starters, Dramatic Boosters, Based Boosters, and other expansions. There are *easily* over 4,000 cards to the game. As you may have guessed, it's based on Gundam. The card game drawn on elements from the animes, mangas, and just about everything else about Gundam... The card game also includes cards from every major faction in Gundam, including the Earth Federation, Zeon, Titans, Neo-Zeon, Zanscare, Crossbone, After-War Gundam X, G Gundam, Turn-A Gundam, Wing Gundam, and Gundam SEED/Destiny, along with anything else I forgot~

Bandai America ported over the game in... think it was 2005. However, due to a lack of both advertizing and availability, many people thought the game was another 'MS War' (a Gundam Bandai America released years ago that apparently didn't go so well... apparently a Bandai America original), and so the people who knew about this game and thought it was another MS War didn't touch it. Many people, however, did not know the game even existed until after it was cancelled. Some of those who knew exactly what this game was and wanted to buy it also couldn't access it... Bandai America had restricted it to 'hobby stores-only', so everyone interested in the game without a credit card or local hobby store had a problem...

Needless to say, the game didn't sell to fast, at first, and that slow initial sale speed is what caused the game to not make a profit once it became the best selling game Bandai America had out at the time (and being late on the release dates didn't help any either.. ). Bandai printed 3 series, each of which sold out 1 production run (or close to it, in the case of series 3), but then the game got cancelled, and last December 1st the website for the game suddenly disappeared -along with the downloadable Rulebook, all the FAQs, all the Erratas, all the Clarifications, ... The game itself also had a few errors in it, which also included a Rulebook that had to be re-written (so when the site went down.. ).

Due to all this, many of the Gundam War fans feel they have been cheated, and have started a project to get Gundam War Back In English!

We are going to make up for where Bandai had slipped, by translating every card and putting it in easy-to-look-up indexing system, having card scans for all the cards available for everyone to view and search through, and advertizing this game to everyone we can to reach the potential Gundam War fans out there!

As such, we are scanlating some Japanese cards so that players can promote the game. The cards can be printed out on a home printer, cut out, and put in card sleeves for people to play with. If the cards are free, people are more willing to try a game out. If people try the game out and like it, they are more willing to support the game, and there we have it!

Bandai America has told us that for the game to be 'viable', it would have to sell out 15,000 - 20,000 boxes per series (about 12 packs per box). A 12-pack box would cost about $40, based on previous prices, and Bandai wouldn't be releasing a series any sooner than once every 3 months (or more realisticaly, once every 6 months considering each series has about 200 cards in it).

15,000 - 20,000 may mean time alot (and at $40 per box, that's about $600,000 - $800,000 per series), but realy, if you break it down, it isn't.

If we can get 5,000 - 7,000 people, at least, buying 3 boxes per series, that makes your 15,000 - 20,000 boxes right there. 3 boxes per series with a new series every 3 months is $40 a month, *at the most*, and with a new series every 6 months it's more like $20 per month. Of course, there's always those who will buy more or buy less, but every little bit helps. : ]

Something else to take into account was that when Gundam War was still current, it sold out 1 production run each of cards. Now if I remember correctly, a production run was either 10,000 boxes (someone please correct me on this if I am wrong). If that's the case, and we take into account the people who couldn't buy the cards before because of a lack of access, we might have our 15,000 boxes worth of cards ready to be sold right there! :]

This is not impossibly, people. In fact, this is *very* possible. To better our chances, we're going to be making our play to Bandai during October, and flexing our willpower from mid-October to sometime in November. Why are we doing it then? Partly because Bandai America's financial year begins and ends on December 1st, and partly because the people have beenr equesting YTV to show the original Mobile Suit Gundam (0079) series for a very long time... With yTV's 'The Anime Channel' coming, possibly this Fall, having the original Gundam series air might be a reality! (which is also the reason why our first series is 'One Year War'; hey, Bandai Entertainment says mecha is very popular in Canada, and Gundam SEED is in it's 4th run on YTV, back by popular demand, so.. )

More details on our master plan as the time gets closer, but for now I suppose you're asking 2 questions:

1. How do I play this game?

2. What do you need me to do to help?

For the first question, there are 2 ways you can play this game: Offline and Online.

at the moment I don't have the rules of the game on my site, but I will soon (possibly within a week, or less, after Anime North finishes. So look for it on my site this weekend!). In the meantime, you can find the rules here:

That is part of the site that has Gundam War set up for Online Play through a gaming engine, which is one of the ways you can play, learn tips and trick, get help from a former-mod of Bandai's Gundam War board, and meet new people to play with.

For those of you who prefer to do their playing Offline, that's what the scanlated cards are for! They are not meant as piracy, but rather as promotional material to help get new players into the game. You can print them, cut them out, and slip them between the face and card sleeve of whatever cards you're using now.

For those of you who prefer to play with real cards, there are 2 options: You can either buy English cards from people, or stores where you can find them, or you can play with Japanese cards!

For those of you who want to play with Japanese cards without having to learn Japanese or carry around translation sheets, we can accomodate you there. The text boxes of the scanlated cards, which have English text in them, will be cut out and made available for download as a special 'insert-only' release each series. That way people with Japanese cards can print only the effect box, which is all that realy needs to be translated on the cards, and slip that between the card face and sleeve of their Japanese cards to play with!

Now, what can you do to help?

Promote the Game. That's it.

Find people who are playing card games, buying Gundam products, watching Gundam shows or reading Gundam manga (or mech stuff in general), and ask them if they know about the Gundam War card game. Yes, it will require courage and boldness, but then, what major worthwhile things in life don't require at least *a little* courage now and then? Play games in places where people can see you play. Try to start up a playgroup at your local card store. Let people on Gundam websites know about the game. Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated. :] (just don't break any rules in the process.. )

Want to do more than that? Well, we *do* have background tasks available, which range from helping the scanlation process to organizing and indexing card data for our master check-up sheet.

Anyine interested in helping with more 'background' work can go here and ask what tasks are available, and say what all you can (and are willing) to do: New Recruits At Crossbone:

How are we going to do what we're doing? We're translating the cards (or rather, helping Baron check through his translations). We're indexing the translated card data for quick and easy checking when the mods would have to check a series before it goes to print. We are also starting up a Japanese card album where we *hope* to have all the Japanese card scans up by October. That would be the base for error-checking on any new series that comes around. It would also be the base to double-check the 3 series already released for the future if they get reprinted.

*sees how long this news post is*
Okay, 5am now, and you probably have a good idea about what we're doing... For more questions, you can e-mail me (or catch me on one of the message boards linked to in this post). The site's e-mail is on the 'Contact' page. Please put 'Gundam War' or 'Digimon' or one of the other subject lines mentioned on that page or your e-mail might Get Deleted. I get alot of spam, and e-mails from people I don't know that don't have something relevant to this site in their subject line get deleted (otherwise it could be spam -it's a safety precaution).

DB1: One Year War is 66 cards, and after this weekend we hope to start working on DB4, which is 55 cards and covers a little of each colour. We also hope to slowly start working on Japanese Booster 16, which is 203 cards and has a fair amount of each colour, as well as Purple/Colourless cards in it. We will decide what to do from there. Altogether, that's 324 cards, probably before the end of next month. x]

x] Thank you for your time, and Have a Great Weekend!

May 16th, 2007 -And More stuff got done!... sortof : / (CyberDramon)

Hi again all.

More stuff *did* get done, but *still* not enough for a substantial update...

We're working out some font issues with 'Dramatic Booster 1: One Year War' right now, and that might take the next 2 weeks to re-scanlate..

However! Special Project 1 is now back-on-track, and may be released/finished sometime within the next 2 weeks (probably around the time of 'DB1: OYW', possibly in time before Anime North 2007~ ;p )

The site layout has yet to be changed, and I hadn't finished *all* the Digi-Battle card links yet, so you *may* see a bunch of little updates throughout the course of the next week instead of a big, massive update on one single day ( that just keeps getting delayed.. : / )

x] But you could also just come back next week instead to see what's new that's here~

(Site 'Special Feature' is stil under works, and *may* be included near the end of the week...'may'.. be )

May 12th, 2007 -and... >>; stuff got done..? (CyberDramon)

Hi all.

Again, it is over a month, and again... well, some stuff actualy *did* get done, but not enough for a substantial update... (Come back on Tuesday. :P )

I was in the process of changing the image links for most of the Digi-Battle cards to be shown from the backups in my Yahoo accounts (so that I could delete the scans from my site and free up some space), but I was also going away for a few days on Wednesday night (just got back today -Saturday), and that took all of Wednesday, and a little bit of Tuesday, to prepair for leaving... and so, I didn't have time to finish the pages for upload.

However, I will be doing that over this weekend, and should have it uploaded *next* Tuesday, along with some significant updates!

Hopefully, the 'New Site Feature' would be up and linked to by then, as well as the scanlated Gundam War set 'Dramatic Booster 1: One Year War'.

If I have time, the site layout would be changed too, along with (hopefully) any and all broken links~ (The 'Manga Review' section banner is done, and so is the new 'One Piece' banner, so that's something to look out for~ )

Special Project 1 is currently stalled, Special Project 2 is... 'in progress'

Also, some news from Bandai! Might share that in the next GW update too~ ;p

08 April, 2007 -I LIVE!!! ~and stuff (CyberDramon)
"x] And so yeah... that's about it for now. Look out for changes on the new horizon! ...or just come back in a day or 2 and hopefully something will be there. : / "

... <<; and a quater of a year later...

As you all may have realized, nothing got done. x.x;

However! Within the next month or so, I *WILL* be updating my site, removing some stuff, updating others, adding more/new stuff and sections, and just generaly updating my site. : /

At the moment, the site is in 'Rookie/Child' status (having been under construction for the past 2 years... <<; ...with broken links, broken code at some places, and just generaly incomplete), but over the next month (or so) I *WILL* be updating stuff, and just generaly cleaning up. : / Things need to get organised, and if I don't force myself to do it at some point, it will keep getting put off... Shinka to Adult/Champion! ;p

Things to look forward too:

Manga Review Section:
This will be a section where I review mangas I'm reading/have read, both by chapter and as a whole (summery, basicaly). If any groups wish to use the summeries I have listed here, feel free. I just ask that you give me credit, and maybe link back~

Special Project 1:
A special project, currently in the works, that fans may enjoy. :] More on this when it arrives~

Special Project 2:
A special project, maybe in the works... maybe (just need to get the people who will be involved to actualy Be involved and get something moving : / )

Special Feature 1:
A special site feature~ (a secret ...for now ;] )

Gundam War scanlation:
We're getting there. : / (Yes, we Are getting there... translations are available, as are cards, printing templates, etc. What we lack now -besides the latest game rules- are Editors! If you're interested in being a card editor, please let us know~ you can swing by the Crossbone forums, linked below, and join in the specific thread ~shameless plug, I know. ;p )

Crossbone Pirates:
Crossbone-Pirates Forum

New Recruits thread~

Gundam Section:
The English rulebook (the newer, .pdf one) will be uploaded. Pgaes will be created listing the FAQ and erratas and stuff (the old link to Bandai's official site will still be on the new pages, for the sake of reference, but since the URL for those links all redirect to, 'the sake of reference' is probably all they're good for. : / )

New Gundam card scans *may* also be up within the next month... (at the moment, kinda running out of space, and new space will only become available around June-ish, I think... )

Digimon Sections:
In the Digimon sections, the Gallery, Price Guide, Power Chart, and Index pages will all go down... (in fact, they're going down for *every* section).

At the moment, I haven't gotten any Price Guides up yet, and don't have the time to compile them at the moment. A Power chart was worked on for Digi-Battle and/or Digimon CCG (forgot which), but it was never completed and I don't have the time to complete it right now... The index is pointless when there's nothing substantial to put in it yet. : /

The 'Gallery' section was for higher-quality scans for your viewing pleasure~ (the Digimon scans I currently have on my site are saved at about 30% quality of the original scans -this leaves enough quality to look decently good while not taking up *too* much space on my site... they were designed for dial-up viewers to look at without having to wait for minutes to load 1 card scan at full quality. The 'Gallery' section was going to be for the full-quality scans, but then I ran out of space on my site... <<;

One Piece:
An Actual Banner! :D

x] Yes, an *actual* banner will be put up for the One Piece site~

: / Other than that, nothing much, realy...

Layout (Site):
The layout of the site will be changing, somewhat. Because of the whole dial-up thing, and things taking a long time to load, the little images in the left side-bar will most likely be removed, or maybe changed to .png (portable network graphics) format, which can have a high image quality while not being too big file-size wise...

If anyone has a problem viewing .png images in their browser, Please e-mail me (Contact page on the left) and let me know! Put 'PNG Site Images' in the subject title of the e-mail so that it doesn't get deleted by accident.

As for the 'Gallery' sections, there isn't enough space on the site at the moment to put all the Gallery images. With WiththeWill's Card Terminal, all the English Digimon cards were going to be put up there anyway, in 300dpi high-quality, so for the moment the low-quality scans currently up will do~

Newer scans going up on the site, like the Gundam War scans etc., will probably be in .png format (unless people complain about it and say that they can't view it).

so yeah, that's about it for now...

Enjoy! :]
08th January, 2007 -Updates yet-to-be~ (CyberDramon)
Okay, no real 'Real' news for you this time, but I'd like to make an Announcement:

On my site, under the Gundam War section, are Booster 1 scans cut from a print&play sheet made about 5 years ago. The person who made it contacted me through the GW board (before it died) as well as sent me a PM through there saying who he is, giving me permission to use the scans, and saying what name I can give him credit by. However, the GW board was 'removed' before I had backed-up his PM, and no I don't know who he is.. x.x;

Please, if anyone knows him, or where to find him, help us get in contact with each other so that I can get his name to give him credit by again! O_O;

;p Okay, and on with the site news~

godofchaos, Webmaster of the new WtW-X, contacted me recently about the news update I made about the site, and gave some corrections:

The subbing and scanlations teams apparently left *Before* he took over (somewhere between the time that Jita moved the board to new hosting and goc took over, which was a span of a few days, at least).

For anyone wondering, has torrent links up for the WtW projects up too, since it was done by the same team, just under a different name.

As for actual site updates:

Nothing as of yet. : /

But sometime before tomorrow you *may* see the links to the left change a bit... going to add buttons for a bunch of sites, and remove some stuff that I haven't worked on yet, and probably won't ever... Also, might have the Gundam page updated with new links.. 'n stuff.. and the downloadable version of BAI's latest rulebook (soon to be replaced with a translated Japanese rulebook from Booster 18, sometime after it comes out in late February/early March).

Also, the Digi-Battle, D-Tector, and Digimon CCG sections will all be pretty much removed at some point...

Yes, removed. WtW is currently doing a 'database' project for all the Digimon cards ever in existance~ Which means that all the English cards would be put up there too at some point... They have said that if I want too, cards can be reviewed and 'corrected' by me to help them make sense again for gameplay... So when the English scans go up on their site (in higher quality than curently on mine, provided by Rianmon as well~ ), they will be going down on my site to free up some space for Gundam stuff... (Gundam alone has probably around 3,000+ cards in it right now.. )

The MSN Group would probably also be going down around then, but I'm keeping it open right now incase they want to copy&paste stuff from there when the time comes instead of having to type it all out again...

You click the 'Digi-Dex' link on the left, and the rest should be self-explanatory~

(Yes, my spelling was pretty bad on there, but keep in mind that it was done *years* ago before I got proper hosting, and that I've never bothered to go fix it since then because MSN Groups messing up with my info to begin with... >>; But being able to copy & paste and correct typos is better than having to type it all out again, right? :] )

Anyway, yeah, that's what will be happenning... also moving WtW to under 'affiliates' (along with 'Cross-Bone Pirates') because we'll be sharing info.. sortof... :] so and yeah. Looky looky ->

x] And so yeah... that's about it for now. Look out for changes on the new horizon! ...or just come back in a day or 2 and hopefully something will be there. : /

25th December, 2006 -And New Updates! (CyberDramon)
Okay guys, here's a new update!

A few days ago I uploaded more One Piece scans (thanks to Quavers). All I'm missing now as *actual* scans from series 1 are the Gold Rares (CH-001 Luffy with a Straw Hat, CH-002 The Wounded Swordsman, and TE-028 Gum Gum Pinwheel), if anyone wants to donate scans of them... ;] Other than that, all I'm missing scans for from series 2 is CH-55, CH-78, CH-82, and CH-100 (if anyone wants to provide scans of those too~ ). You can see the series 2 scans here:

As for Digi-Battle, thanks to Mittenmon scans for the Swedish promos St-84 WarGreymon and St-85 MetalGarurumon, as well as the Bandai Asia D-Power promo DP-R1 Impmon have all been uploaded.
Thanks to Rianmon, scans for the DP-C3 Growlmon/Kyubimon/Gargomon, DP-Y3 Rapidmon, DP-MG Gallantmon, and DP-MG MegaGargomon cards from the Bandai Asia D-Power Digivice promos have been uploaded. :]

You can find the Digi-Battle Swedish promos here:

And the Bandai Asia D-Power Promos near the bottom-right of this page here:

23 December, 2006 -And We Rejoyce... ! (CyberDramon)
Okay, first off, sorry for the *extremely* long delay in making another update... X.x; (further explained further down... )

O, and if you find any broken links, please bear with me... for some reason my site is messing up where my files upload to randomly, for some reason.. X.x;

Feel free to e-mail me with a list of broken links. Put 'Digimon', 'Gundam War', 'One Piece', or 'Medabots' as one of the words in the subject line, though... I get alot of spam, and that helps me know what not to delete (I don't bother opening something I think might be spam).

First, the real news, in order of semi-importance:

Bandai America, on December 1st, 'removed' their Gundam War ccg, One Piece ccg, Teen Titans ccg, and Navia Drapft mfg sites. Later, they gave this message:

"Our company could no longer support the Gundam War website. It and several other websites were taken down to provide space for other products and services from Bandai America (not specifically CCGs) We would like to thank you for being a supporter of the game as well as an active member of the Gundam war online forums."

This message was given to a few people and was asked to pass it around to everyone who used to come to the sites, if they could be found. Mass confusion followed as members from the axed sites went over to the boards that were left (mostly the Naruto board), only to find out that the boards were gone, and their links redirected to

The remaining sites are the Digimon CCG, Zatch Bell ccg, and Naruto ccg sites.

(read around the Jeff Nimoy update further down as to why the Digimon CCG site might still be around... )

Also, now has episode 1, "And So It Begins...", up for viewing now. Episode 2 was scheduled to air Dec. 16th, but with all the holiday-ness a delay is understandable, and allows time for you to go watch (and maybe download) Episode 1! ;D

In related news, 4Kids has apparently cancelled their production of the One Piece anime. They also apparently still have the rights to it until 2009...

In other news, YTV submitted an application to the CRTC on September 14th, 2006, for an all-anime specialty channel, to be called 'The Anime Channel'.

Almost 100 comments were submitted to the CRTC on this and recognised by them. However, a decision has not yet been posted on their site.

In the request, YTV stated that 'TAC' would have no less than 65% of the broadcast year as "anime" programming , and no more than 35% of the broadcats year would be "anime-related" programming. The request also states that the channel would be targeted at an 18+ audience.

What does this mean? YTV, at the moment, can't show any programs aimed at an audience older than 17 years old because YTV is a youth station. Which means that alot of the anime out there can't be aired on YTV (or can be aired, but only edited). Ghost in the Shell, for example, only airs at 1:30am. It used to air at midnight as part of Bionix, but then episode 10 came around, which I found hard to watch, and I'm over 18. 2nd Gig probably can't even be shown on YTV because it's more violent than the first season, and that is already at a 1:30am timeslot.. If 'TAC' gets approved, then anime aimed at an older audience can be aired, hopefully uncut and unedited because 18 is an adult.

For more news and updates on this, check and the CRTC's daily news page located here:

In related news, Razer will be airing the first episode each of Cowboy BeBop and Samurai Champloo, respectively, at 10:30am and 11am on December 24th (tomorrow). This is the first time Cowboy Bebop has aired in Canada, which is why it's such a big deal~ For Razer's show times on these 2 shows, check the link below:

Anime North's website ( ) has been updated with AN 2007 information, including programming, hotel registration, and convention pre-registration information. Listed in their guest list are 4 Digimon voice actors (one of whom voices Eureka on Eureka SeveN, Stephanie Sheh), and the voice of Renton Thurston from Eureka SeveN (and Vash the Stampede). x] The other VAs have done impressive work to, but I'm too lazt to list them here. ;p Go check Lelola's post. has a nice news update on at the moment that links them all to their Anime News Network profile pages.

In related news, Jeff Nimoy, who attended Anime North 2006, has joined the WtW-X message boards and has a Q&A forum open. Included is an exclusive story for WiththeWill-X on Izzy and Tentomon's relationship.

In answer to one of the questions, Jeff Nimoy stated: "Anyway, I'm sorry but I won't be answering ANY Savers questions, so you might as well stop asking them (besides you're really gonna get tired of the answer "Stay Tuned"). Everyone knows the series is out there, and everyone wants to know the details of the dub, but at this point there's a giant gag order until the details are worked out. After things are worked out, I promise to answer questions, whether I'm involved in the series or not."

Even though that's an official 'no comment', 2 questions beg to be answered: 1. If the dub isn't coming, why are details being worked out and why is there a gag order about it? 2. If he doesn't know anything, why does the gag order seemingly apply to him? ;]

The Digimon card game being 'restarted', as Bandai put it, was also dependant on Savers getting dubbed. The only 3 ccg sites left after December 1st are Naruto, Zatch Bell (Bandai's top 2 selling ccgs), and Digimon CCG... which has yet to even make a profit. This tells me that even if Savers *doesn't* ultimately get dubbed, a dub is being talked about at the moment, and talked about seriously enough that it's under serious consideration. ;] ( ..well, that's all I can 'officialy' tell you, anyway.. )

In even more related news, WtW blew up. A private dispute between Jita (founder of WiththeWill) and Koroku (who was basicaly running the place for Jita) became public. In the resulting chaos, Koroku left and wanted WtW off of his hosting. He also controlled the url, so Jita moved WtW to other hosting under the new url of Since Jita didn't realy care whether or not WtW existed anymore or not, but also didn't want to take it away from the people if they wanted it, he handed over leadership of WtW to godofchaos/Mark, who owns the webspace the site is now located on, at which point WiththeWill's name officialy changed to WiththeWill-X.

Koroku went on to create his own site,, which is now doing the fansubs of Savers and scanlations of V-Tamer and Digimon Next because godofchaos said he didn't want anything potentialy-illegal on WtW-X. Around this time, Vande decided to spread her wings a bit and got her own hosting (she used to be hosted by Koroku), and the url now redirects to her new url: now also redirects to, and Vande, godofchaos, and Kokoru are all reportedly on good terms.

For more info on these events, you can check out the Chronicles of WiththeWill located probably somwhere on ... if not, feel free to ask somebody there. :]

hmm... think that's all of it... Now on to the Site News:

As you may have noticed, this is not the usual format for my site's news updates... That is because I've changed the site to update with a 'news updater' instead of creating every news post myself and archiving every news post myself... which was alot harder and slower to do, and quite frankly what put me off from updating more often in the past. :]

IRC-based chat rooms for dueling might be included sometime soon too... More on that when it comes.

Also, the layout for the site might change a bit... nothing too much, but the layout of the links on the left is just... awkward and un-pretty. : [ Will be changing that at some point, and adding links to sites where people can go to get stuff, like Gundam War Central for Japanese card translations and stuff, the Crossbone-Gundam forums, where the card scanlation project is based, for the fansubs and manga, the ShowCreator forums for One Piece discussion and the base of that card scanlation project, and Zannen and Lelola because they're just great news sites. :]

Gundam War Central
(You have to register to be able to view the board... )


ShowCreator forums

Yes, you heard me right -Card Scanlation projects. With the cancellation of the Gundam War and One Piece card games, all the info on those sites were axed to, so scanlation projects have been started so that people can still use the cards in English. This is also good for people who don't understand Japanese but want to play the card games they bought cards for without having to use translations sheets while they're playing... Yes, the cards will be made specificaly for a print & play format. If you *can* support the original games, or buy up what's left of the officialy-translated cards, please do. If you can't, I suppose playing with print & play cards is the same as watching fansubs or reading scanlated manga... *shrugs*

I'll also be editing the Gundam War page with pages on my site that contains the information the GW site used to contain, since the current links to the official site now all redirect back to

There are also some Digimon card scans I have yet to upload, and more of the One Piece card scans... (only missing 4 from series 2 now). Also have to update the Credits page with alot more info, which I should have done months ago.. ><;

Q - "Won't you get in trouble with Bandai for all this!?!"

A - I don't care.

Bandai's ccg sites were deleted suddenly and without warning, leaving no time for anyone to backup any information, some of which was vital for playing some games (like Gundam War). And instead of leaving the old urls up with the announcement, and maybe stuff like erratas and a downloadable rulebook for even 1 day, the urls all just redirected to, like the sites had never been there to begin with. An announcement was also only given after the fact when people started asking for it, and was only given to some and asked to pass it on to others. Bandai's handling of this deletion was bad, disrespectful to the fans and players, and just generaly did not leave a good feel to it because the sites and info vital to be able to play some of their games was just suddenly 'gone' like it -and the players who bought their cards- never existed.

As such, I sent an angry letter to Bandai telling them just how I felt about all this and what I think of their handling of the situation, and as a result got my account on the Digimon CCG site banned and got my IP addresses banned from their remaining ccg sites in general... I'm not suprised, though, because given the contents of that letter I deserved to be banned. I sent them another, less-rude letter afterwards appologizing for my words and actions, but also stating that their handling of the deletion could still have been better. I think we all saw this coming at some point, but there's a good way to go about it and a bad way...

I'll be updating my site later (as I get the time), so checking the rest of my site before Christmas may be pointless...

If you wish to help with one of the card scanlation projects, go to the appropriate message board (ShowCreator for One Piece and Crossbone-Pirates for Gundam) and post there asking what you can do to help. :]

Thank you, and Enjoy the holidays~